About us

A commitment to Excellence!

Acento Latino™ Libros bring quality of language and cultural representation to the classroom. We adopt 8 quality principles under one Quality Seal: an open door to our language and to stories that resonate with us, Latin American people.


Native authors

Acento Latino Libros™ are written by Latin American native speakers.


Natural language

The language of Acento Latino Libros™ is correct and sounds natural. 


Professionally proofread

Acento Latino Libros™ are proof-read by professional copy editors with native or native-like language proficiency..



Acento Latino Libros™ are written with accessible levelled language and contain support for comprehension.


Cultural Diversity

Acento Latino Libros™ celebrate individual, ethnic and cultural diversity. Some of the titles are #OwnVoices others are written in the space of the horizontal commonality through shared ‘common culture, ancestry, language, and history’.


Positive representation

Acento Latino Libros™ offer a positive, respectful and accurate representation of Latin American individuals and culture.


Cultural Sensitivity

Acento Latino Libros™ are read for unconscious bias and for cultural sensitivity.


Variety of genres

Acento Latino Libros™ encompass a variety of genres showcasing each writer’s strengths and interests in fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Together we are stronger

Acento Latino Libros™ promotes the work of independent Latin American authors because we have a deep understanding of our cultures and language, and the cultural right to write our own stories. #DignidadLiteraria #AutoresLatinos #NuestrasVoces #AcentoLatinoLibros

Join us!

Are you a Latin American independent authors of Spanish Easy Readers? Get in touch!
Acento Latino Libros™ welcomes new members so we can extend our catalogue and the reach of our stories. The membership process is simple and easy and involves review of your titles against our quality principles and a membership fee to contribute to the costs of common promotion and advertising costs.
We publish a new catalogue 4 times a year.