Catalogue Acento Latino Libros™ 2021

Acento Latino Libros™ is a collective of independent Latin American authors who write easy readers for Spanish language learners.

Acento Latino Libros™ is a collection of easy graded readers for Spanish language learners: for young readers in the elementary school through to Spanish 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Secondary school.

Acento Latino Libros™ is also a label that brings quality of language and cultural representation to the Spanish language learning classroom and school libraries.

  • Acento Latino Libros™ are written by latin American native speakers.
  • The language of Acento Latino Libros™ is correct and sounds natural. 
  • Acento Latino Libros™ are proof-read by professional copy editors with native or native-like language proficiency.
  • Acento Latino Libros™ are written with accessible levelled language and contain support for comprehension.
  • Acento Latino Libros™ celebrate individual, ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • Acento Latino Libros™ offer a positive, respectful and accurate representation of Latin American individuals and culture.
  • Acento Latino Libros™ are read for unconscious bias and for cultural sensitivity.
Acento Latino Libros™ Elementary Package
Acento Latino Libros™ Level 1 Package
Acento Latino Libros™ Level 2 Package
Acento Latino Libros™ Level 3 Package

Acento Latino Libros™ Level 4 Package